About the City of Science

KATOWICE has been announced the European City of Science 2024 (ECSK 2024). This prestigious title is awarded by the European Commission. 

The title has been awarded thanks to the efforts of the City of Katowice and seven public universities forming the Academic Consortium Katowice City of Science. It would not be possible without the Silesian Science Festival KATOWICE – one of the largest European popular science events and a significant platform of cooperation to the benefit of citizen science. 

The most important goal of ECSK 2024 is to initiate the transformation of the region through science, provide its residents with unlimited access to knowledge and turn it into a fundamental instrument for civil dialogue. ECSK 2024 will allow us to show the richness of Silesian science in the European research arena and enable the region’s inhabitants to get to know it better. 

Without science we will not change the quality and way of life in Silesia. It is a natural good, more important for the future of the inhabitants than fossil fuels or the related industries. In the City of Science, we can turn it into a new industry. Our goal is to make it clear in the Silesian Voivodeship that science is used for solving daily problems and that it can provide us with answers to almost every question.

In 2024, we will build the City of Science together, based on the three following pillars: 

  • year-round ECSK 2024 programme of events built around 50 Polish and global science issues whose solution has a direct influence on our lives,
  • scientific excellence, including the organisation of EuroScience Open Forum conference – European platform for discussing the future of science,
  • infrastructure in the City of Science, i.e. development of the Green Science Zone in Katowice and creation of the Network Science Centre in the region managed by the Consortium universities. The Rawa river and its restoration for the inhabitants are the heart of transformation and the axis for the planned infrastructural changes. 

Thematic paths in the City of Science: 

  • Climate and Environment,
  • Health and Quality of Life,
  • Industries of the Future,
  • Social Innovations,
  • Industrial and Cultural Heritage,
  • Creation,
  • Criticism.