Youth in the City of Science

As part of ECSK 2024, we propose a special stream dedicated to ambitious young people – Youth in the City of Science Programme. The Youth Parliament of the Silesian Voivodeship, the Youth City Council and the agreement of student governments and doctoral student governments are involved in the work on its formulation. The aim is to provide a space for young people and give them a voice as well as a possibility to show their involvement in social and scientific activities.

The programme prepared based on the needs of the city’s young residents and users will create a place where young people want to stay and develop their future. It will include, among other things, debates and popular science events (school contests, high school shows, student research groups), student and doctoral student conferences, a series of workshops, ‘Juwenalia’ student festival, freshman parties, balls, and entertainment events, as well as social campaigns.

Among the offers for young audience members at ECSK 2024 are also two events included in the key events stream:

  • EUCYS (EU Contest for Young Scientists) is one of the opportunities for young scientists to present their skills. It is addressed to people aged 14-21 who have not yet finished their first semester of 1st cycle studies. The 35th edition of the event will take place in 2024 in Katowice. Its aim is to promote cooperation and knowledge exchange among young researchers. Winners are students with the best scientific achievements in Europe and affiliated countries. The finalists will receive attractive financial prizes, internships in leading European research centres and a possibility to participate in the Nobel Prize award ceremony in Stockholm.
  • EU TalentOn organised by the European Commission. During the event, teams composed of scientists from different countries of Europe and countries associated in Horizon Europe will develop solutions to global issues, thematically connected with 5 European Union missions:
    1. adaptation to climate change,
    2. cancer prevention and cancer patient care,
    3. intelligent and climate neutral cities,
    4. restoration of soil fertility,
    5. water and the restoration of the ocean environment,

More than 100 participants are taking part in the EU TalentOn competition.