Teachers for Teachers Educational Programme

The programme aims to integrate the communities of academic teachers and school teachers. The goal is to create a space for mutual exchange of ideas and experiences to develop joint solutions and inspirations to be used by the representatives of the teacher community.

Six academies will be created, referring to six thematic routes of the European City of Science 2024:

  1. Climate and Environment,
  2. Industries of the Future,
  3. Health and Quality of Life,
  4. Social Innovation,
  5. Industrial and Cultural Heritage,
  6. Creation and Criticism.

Each of them will have its own thematic week comprised of workshops to increase competencies in a given field.

Consultations and a diagnosis of mutual needs are planned before work begins. They will allow us to diagnose the current needs of students and to figure out the way in which we would like to communicate, as well as the approach universities should take when communicating with them. Defining needs is intended to find answers to questions of which methods would be useful for teachers to cooperate better with students and which methods enjoy the best interest of youth. The aim is to meet the demands placed on young people today and the difficulties they face in their educational journey.

The Teachers for Teachers Programme requires a level of innovativeness in teaching methods based on various projects and teamwork, which teach additional soft competencies. We wish to show that the skills that the academic staff and school teachers possess can be equal and provide an additional dose of motivation – this is why we promote equal footing and mutuality in those relations.

The Programme Council features teaching authorities, school and academic teachers’ representatives, and winners of the Professor Józef Pieter Award.

A key element of the project is the participation of academic teachers in classes conducted by their colleagues – school teachers.