What will the Green Science Zone be like?

The Green Science Zone is at the same time an experiment and instrument for transformation of the centre of Katowice, the whole city, and region through advanced science and education. Five entities participating in these actions – City of Katowice, Metropolis GZM, University of Silesia, Silesian University of Technology, and University of Economics – are connecting their individual investment plans for the first time to create scientific and educational tools to improve the quality of life in the city and the region. The revitalisation of Rawa and its banks will become a visible and suggestive evidence for the involvement of regional scientific centres in improving the quality of life for the inhabitants

Rawa, revitalised and restored to its natural condition, is to become the axis of the Green Science Zone. The axis will run through the Katowice university campuses, fulfilling the users’ needs in terms of becoming a place to spend free time and get in contact with science. Works on the first visualisations and concepts of changes in the space on Rawa are currently in progress. The Science Zone will involve commercial and social initiatives resulting from academic experiences at the intersection of education, science, business, and social needs. There are plans to create a programme to support initiatives serving the community staying within the Science Zone (academic community, inhabitants, commercial entities).

However, in particular the Green Zone will be the place where the urban and academic tissues permeate, available for everyone all the time – the place to get to know and experience science.

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