The Network Science Centre

What will The Network Science Centre be like?

Concept sharing some ideas and space with the Green Science Zone. The Network Science Centre (SCN) is designed to ultimately become a joint organism of the universities and the city, available for all inhabitants. In practice, SCN elements will be located throughout the whole region, within the space of the Consortium universities and partner scientific institutions.

The Science Network Centre elements are to ensure the contact of recipients with the ongoing effects of Silesian scientists’ work as well as allow them to observe the activities they undertake.

In the Science Network Centre, the recipients will be able to ask scientists questions, thus inspiring research conducted in accordance with the idea of bottom-up research activities. It will also be possible to participate in citizen science-type research. Currently, conceptual work is conducted on the functionality and programme offer of the Science Network Centre in cooperation with domestic and foreign experts in science communication.

What are the Consortium universities’ goals towards the Network Science Centre?

  • joint development in terms of citizen science
  • providing space to present the effects of scientists’ work and promote Silesian science
  • inspiring scientists to conduct regional research and inspiring inhabitants to look for answers with scientists (e.g. by launching the so-called ‘scientific problem point’ for the inhabitants)
  • opening the university to all by providing the space where they will be able to use scientific achievements of a particular university, contribute to research, and ask questions
  • professionalisation in the field of scientific communication at universities
  • increasing the recognition of the most important scientific achievements of Silesia

How can the Centre differ from others initiatives?

Thanks to the network factor, i.e. its multidisciplinary character and integration with the public space. Thanks to being like a well-designed road network which enables you to get to every point on the map (scientific themes) without getting stuck in traffic. Thanks to being a unique combination of a research, educational, and trend-setting institution (e.g. by supporting startups and initiating discussions).

What impact on the future will it have?

I will have a positive influence on our future in many different ways: by integrating different research projects between universities forming the Consortium, initiating directions for research and discussions, supporting initiatives and technologies, and particularly by educating those who will create the world of the future.

Why the network centre rather than all units focused in one place?

Because the world is not focused in one place, because its residents are not focused in one place, because each of us has different experiences, intuitions and professional education. It will facilitate education and commercialisation of technologies. And particularly because this is the only way to effectively use the potential of the existing research units, including their infrastructure.

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